Reflect Questions 10/7

by King's Cross Church (KXC) •
07 Oct 2018

Mark 10:17-10:31

Reflect Questions
Spiritual Disciplines
Reflect Questions are designed to help you apply Sunday’s sermon to the everyday stuff of life. Prayerfully reflect on these questions throughout the week and consider discussing them with your home group.

Questions for reflection:

  1. Read Phil 3:7-9 and consider the relationship between these verses and Jesus’ command to the rich young man in Mark 10.
  2. What worldy pleasures/dreams/comforts is God calling you to give up and surrender for his sake?
  3. Jesus makes an amazing promise to Peter in Mark 10:29-30. Do you believe these promises and does your life reflect your faith in these promises? If not, what would you change to live this out in faith?

For further study, consider this article from John Piper: Discerning Idolatry in Desire.

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