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On the Nature of God

On Systematic Theology

On the Cross

On Friendships/Relationships

Daily Devotionals

Morning & Evening
by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

New Morning Mercies
by Paul David Tripp

Note to Self
by Joe Thorn

Walking with God Day by Day
by Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The Quiet Place
 by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Music & Podcasts


KXC Hymnal — Worship Lead Joe Mayers has compiled a list of the songs we sing (and have sung) at King’s Cross Church. It is available on both Apple Music and Spotify.

Gospel Song Union Hymnal — More songs for worship from artists like Kings Kaleidoscope, Citizens, and Audrey Assad.


Our Podcasts:

KXC Sermons — Our weekly sermon podcast is updated every Monday.

King’s Cross Table Talk — Our roundtable podcast where Pastor Chris, Alyssa, Oscar, and the occasional guest discuss various topics to help you “live for the glory of God and the good of others in the everyday stuff of life.”

Other Podcasts:

Acts 29 Podcast — Host, Jeff Medders, interviews pastors, authors, theologians, and church leaders to help us grow in maturity and mission.

Credo Podcast — A theology podcast from the editors of Credo Magazine.

Dad Tired — Focused on equipping men to lead their family well. 

Doctrine and Devotion — A podcast exploring Christian faith and practice from Reformed Baptist perspective marked by the fun and humor that characterize real friendship.

The Gospel Coalition Podcast — The Gospel Coalition Podcast features keynote and breakout sessions from our national, regional, and women’s conferences.

Gospelbound — A podcast for those searching for firm faith in an anxious age. Includes conversations with experts about books, ideas, and how to navigate life by the gospel of Jesus Christ in a post-Christian culture. Hosted by our friend Collin Hansen, editor at The Gospel Coalition.

Gospel in Life’s Tim Keller Sermons — Classic sermons by Tim Keller, Pastor Emeritus of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City and NY Times best-selling author of The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism.

Journeywoman — Hunter Beless interviews Christian leaders about gracefully navigating the seasons and challenges we face on our journeys to glorify God.

Knowing Faith — “The Christian faith is not mindless or irrational.” Hosted by Jen Wilkin, JT English, and Kyle Worley, this podcast dives into Christian story, belief and practice in a way that that is accessible to everyone.

Pray the Word with David Platt — Short, daily meditations (under 10 min) on God’s Word that not only drive us to pray, but drive how we pray.

Risen Motherhood —Risen Motherhood exists to encourage, equip, and challenge moms to apply the gospel to their everyday lives.

This Cultural Moment — A podcast about following Jesus in our post-Christian world. A collaboration of John Mark Comer and Mark Sayers.

Truth Unites — A mixture of apologetics and theology, with an irenic focus. This podcast is hosted by pastor and author Gavin Ortlund.

Unbelievable — Justin Brierley gets Christians and skeptics talking to ask questions like: Is there evidence for God? Can we trust the Bible? Did Jesus rise from the dead?

TGC Word of the Week  Feed on God’s word mid-week by listening to sound biblical sermons selected by The Gospel Coalition’s editors.

White Horse Inn — Applying the riches of the Reformation to the modern church, White Horse Inn is a weekly roundtable discussion about theology and culture.

Apps & Websites

Apps (mobile & TV)

Dwell (mobile app for Bible listening) — A new audio Bible app that keeps Scripture in your ears and on your heart. 

RightNow Media (website, mobile app, TV app) — We offer all KXC members and attendees FREE access to RightNow Media, an online church video library. Essentially, it’s a Netflix for Bible studies with videos for kids, students, singles, parents and married couples by teachers like Tim Keller, Matt Chandler, Nancy Guthrie, RC Sproul, Francis Chan, and more. There is also an entire catalog of resources for kids, including shows, studies, and music videos. RightNow Media can be accessed either online or through mobile and television apps. Click here to request access.

BibleProject (mobile app) — a reading journey that equips you with the skills to see the larger story of the Bible every time you read.

Echo (mobile app) — A free app that helps you keep track of your prayers, reminds you to pray throughout the day, and lets you share prayer requests with others


She Reads Truth / He Reads Truth / Kids Read Truth  She Reads Truth and He Reads Truth were started as online communities to encourage men and women to read God’s Word everyday. These ministries also offer print and online resources designed to equip men, women, and children with biblical literacy and instill in them a growing love for God’s Word.

The BibleProject — Watch animated videos of different books and themes of the Bible for all ages (also available as a channel in the RightNow Media TV app).

Core Christianity — CC’s vision is to get back to the basics—to the core truths of the Christian faith. Their multimedia effort provides answers to tough questions about the Bible and the Christian life on multiple platforms, helping people experience the comfort of the gospel and gain confidence and wisdom.

Gospel-Centered Discipleship — A website with articles and resources that help make, mature, and multiply disciples of Jesus.

Ligonier Ministries — Ligonier Ministries exists to proclaim, teach, and defend the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible.

TGC Courses and — Both offer free courses from world-class Bible teachers and professors to encourage spiritual growth and Bible knowledge.

TableTalk Magazine — Big Christian truths communicated in an accessible manner. Whether you are a new Christian or have been a believer for many years, there are resources in Tabletalk to help you grow in your faith.

Tiny Theologians — Dedicated to helping kids grow in knowing and loving God through his Word by producing Gospel-centered and theologically-rich discipleship tools for children ages 2 to 12. Their line of discipleship tools clearly and simply teach theology, discipleship, Biblical literacy, and church history.

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