Reflect Questions 8/19

by King's Cross Church (KXC) •
19 Aug 2018

Reflect Questions: Sunday, August 19


Psalm 119:65-72

Reflect Questions
Spiritual Disciplines
Reflect Questions are designed to help you apply Sunday’s sermon to the everyday stuff of life. Prayerfully reflect on these questions throughout the week and consider discussing them with your home group.

This week’s questions:

  1. The psalmist treasures God’s word more than anything (72). How does that affect the way he views affliction in light of God’s word?
  2. In Martin Luther’s meditation on these verses he said that trials and afflictions were one of his best “teachers.” What does this passage teach us about the role affliction plays in teaching us about God and His word?
  3. Read this list of five ways that affliction helps us, from Desiring God Ministries. Which one of these do you resonate with the most?

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