Reflect Questions 9/30

by King's Cross Church (KXC) •
30 Sep 2018

Mark 9:30-10:16

Reflect Questions
Spiritual Disciplines
Reflect Questions are designed to help you apply Sunday’s sermon to the everyday stuff of life. Prayerfully reflect on these questions throughout the week and consider discussing them with your home group.

This week’s questions:

  1. Read Mark 9:30-35. In what area of life are you most tempted to compare yourself with others? (i.e., who is the greatest?)
  2. Read Mark 9:36-37. When you serve others, is it to get something in return? Why do you think it’s hard or difficult to serve people who hurt us, who betray us, or who can offer us nothing in return? How do Jesus’ words challenge you?
  3. Read Mark 9:42-50. What does Jesus’ language say about the posture we should have toward (a) our own sin (b) the sins of our brothers and sisters in Christ?

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